Alfred Street Junior
Junior School

Telephone: 01933 353762

In the past, messages from school to home have relied heavily upon ‘pupil post’.  At Alfred Street Junior School we have developed a range of modern ways to keep you informed.  Alfred Street is looking to create an effective partnership with parents/carers by providing an open and communicative environment, forming a positive link between school and home.

We are hoping to provide you with full visibility of your child’s interests, strengths and commitments – as well as information about school events and developments.  The following methods are utilised by the school to help create an inclusive community, where information is communicated and exchanged regularly.

Type of Communication


Action for parents/carers to take


This is school's management information system. Occasionally you may receive an email from us via this portal. Action: Parents to ensure all contact details, including email, are kept up to date.


A free APP, which keeps you updated with information, news, calendar events and contact information.  Receive timely updates from school – direct to your phone. All letters or communication will be sent to you via this App.

Action: Go to the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store and download the APP.  Then select Alfred Street Junior School., Ensure notifications are turned on. This APP is FREE!


The school uses ParentPay as a method for parents to make payment to the school for things such as Early Morning Club, Music Lessons and Trips 

Action: Parents to visit the website when required using the following link: Parent Pay


The school’s Facebook page will be used by the school as a positive method of communicating with you to share events, announcements, guidance and most importantly to celebrate children’s work, achievements and experiences.

Action: Find our page on Facebook ‘Alfred Street Junior School’, like and follow our page.


Our website is fully up to date with copies of letters to parents that are sent via the ParentAPPS system and information regarding events in school.  All statutory information can also be found on our website.

Action: Visit regularly to see the updates.

All standard important information, newsletters, Alfo Gazette, Head’s Updates and information about trips and events will be sent via our ParentAPPS system.  We do not send out paper copies of internal information in order to preserve the environment and reduce our printing costs in school.

As standard, this information will only be sent to the First Contact on our school system.

If you have joint parental responsibility and live at different addresses, please ensure that the School Office have BOTH parents contact details, as we have a legal obligation to keep both parents informed of children’s progress.  If you have a Court Order issued, please bring the Order into the School Office so that we are able to take a photocopy for our records. 

Please complete the attached form to provide us with details of all adults with parental responsibility, plus any further contact who you would like to receive the information via the APP (i.e. partner, grandparent etc.).  The School Office will then ‘invite’ other adults indicated on the form to access ParentAPPS.

Paper copies of correspondence will be kept in our Reception area and can also be found on our website.  We will use Facebook and our ParentAPPS as a way of reminding you about events and to provide non-standard information such as celebrating weekly achievements as they happen and sharing enrichment activities with you (a summary of which will be put in our Alfo Gazette).

If you do not have the facility to access ParentAPPS, please speak to the School Office so that arrangements can be made for you to receive the information via other methods.

If you have any issues with setting up ParentAPPS on your phone, please contact the School Office where we will be able to assist you in setting this up.

Please see the link below that will take you to the ParentAPPS and ParentPay log in pages