Alfred Street Junior
Junior School

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 R Scarfe ProfileRichard Scarfe

Hi, I’m Richard Scarfe and I joined the Governing body in January 2020. I am now co-chair of Governors having spent the first year learning the ropes. 

I believe children should have a safe, inclusive and enjoyable education. It’s been a pleasure seeing the pupils grow in confidence and ability. 

Part of my role is to challenge the leadership team and see that progress is being made. 

I have a technology background and hence get involved in both overseeing the finance of the school and the data about the progress of the children. Every time I visit the school I never fail to leave impressed by the commitment and energy of its staff to the success and wellbeing of the children. As the attendance and behaviour has improved it’s clear that the children are improving. 

 C Kirby ProfileCarol Kirby

I am Carol Kirby and I am Vice Chair of governors. I was appointed as the Local Authority governor in 2020. 

I taught Modern Foreign languages, in local State Secondary, Middle and Primary Schools, from 1979 until 2014.I was a co-opted governor at my local Maintained Nursery school Federation until 2020. I am passionate about State education provision being the best it can be. The transformational power of education cannot be underestimated, I was the first person in my family to go to university. 

My educational background means I feel I can be of most use to the school as a link governor for English, for French, for Early Career Teachers and I share the role of link governor for the Foundation Curriculum. 

As a governor, apart from my role in supporting and challenging the education provided at ALFO, I particularly enjoy helping with the Curriculum enrichment days the staff put on so successfully for our children. I also love assisting with school trips when I can witness the excellent behaviour of our pupils when out in the community. 

Being a school governor is a truly rewarding activity. 

 L Baker profileLynne Baker

I am Lynne Baker, and I joined the Governing Body when I retired from teaching in 2011 and I am currently the longest serving member of the Governing Body. I am also Co-Chair of Governors with a keen interest in the development of the whole school curriculum and building upon the creative and connected approach in all subjects. I believe it is most important build confidence and self-worth, which will enable all pupils to reach their full potential in a range of skills. 

I firmly believe that a successful pupil is a happy and fulfilled individual, and that learning new skills and feeling  confident in using them is the key to a well-grounded and capable adult. I believe strongly in rewarding success, but also in understanding that our mistakes help us to improve and inform our further development. 

My main role is to monitor the curriculum and standards and to ensure that improvement is made as swiftly as possible. 

My background is in Art and Design, I was a Head of Art for the majority of my 39 years as a teacher. 

I was also a Head of Year in a very large Middle school in Bedfordshire. My pastoral role as a form teacher and Head of Year, has given me a vast insight into problems and difficulties pupils may face and I am keen to ensure that all our young pupils have access to the curriculum and acquire the necessary skills to flourish at the next level of education. 

Alfred Street is very dear to my heart. I am a former pupil, as were all my family, and I attended the school from the age of 5 until I went to my secondary school. The atmosphere in the school is always happy and welcoming, and I feel the pupils now know me well. I am looking forward to the school developing further into a full Primary School in line with most of the other schools in the Town. 

J Baker ProfileJake Baker

I'm Jake Baker. I was appointed a Governor in the Summer of 2022 having been invited by some of my now fellow Governors to join the Board. I have always been interested in children's education having seen how well my own two grown up children have benefitted from a good state educational grounding. I feel passionately about the continuing and ever improving quality of education in all its forms at Alfred Street Junior School, whether it be thriving academically or in sports and am delighted to be able to contribute. 

Part of my role is to help the school operate efficiently by being part of the decision-making processes in the best interests of its pupils. I do this by ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. School Governors not only hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, but also in ensuring it complies with the law. My particular input here is Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Recruitment. 

I have a military background and so am used to ensuring efficient and smart operations and processes, particularly paying attention to detail in many aspects and believe these are useful transferable skills in my role as a co-opted School Governor for Alfred Street Junior School and look forward to learning more and thus giving more to the school in the future. 


Brenda MartinBrenda Martin

Hello. My name is Brenda Martin, I am a new Governor to Alfred Street Junior School for 2023. In fact, this is my first Governor position. I only moved into the area in 2021 from Bedfordshire, so not that far away.  

I have always been interested in education and worked as a teaching assistant for over 20 years. I have two children, now grown up and in their 30’s. One of them has dyslexia. Which probably is the root to my interest in the education system and an interest in Special Educational Needs. I want to support children to grow to their best possible version of themselves that they can possibly be.

I’m looking forward to getting involved in the school as a volunteer and supporting the school as a Governor. Learning myself as I go. I have visited the school a few times already and found it very welcoming. As a Governor, I want to ensure that the children are kept in a safe and secure environment, where children can enjoy their learning journey and can all access the curriculum. In this role, I will be prepared to question and discuss the standards of the school.

I believe that parents are the children’s first teachers, schools then continue and support that teaching journey.