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Today Shakespeare Class made two wartime recipes. We have learned about rationing as part of our WW11 topic work and found out about how families coped with limited supplies of certain foods. During times of uncertainty and disruption, frugal, storable ingredients to make simple, nutritional recipes were so important to families.

We researched a number of recipes and decided to make ‘Everything In’ wartime stew and rock cakes. Vegetables were grown on every spare piece of land, during WW11, so were not rationed. We put a variety of vegetables in our stew, and also a small amount of meat which was rationed. We spent all morning chopping and preparing the ingredients. We also made rock cakes, which we cooked this afternoon. We then tucked into our wartime feast - which most of us thought was delicious!

By Ana & Lily

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Today Shakespeare Class visited Coventry Cathedral to learn about the Blitz in Coventry. They investigated the ruins, new cathedral and the blitz museum with a recreated 1940’s kitchen, classroom and Anderson shelter. They heard the story of the cathedral and the events of the night of the 14th November 1940. They were able to get a feel for what it was like during wartime Britain and how people coped during the World War 2 with the challenges of evacuation, rationing and air raids.

They also discovered the symbols found in both the old and new cathedral and the meanings behind them. Coventry Cathedral is known all over the world as an international centre for reconciliation as it uses its own story as an example of the journey taken from a place of conflict to one of peace.





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As well as swimming this week, we have been practising our football skills in PE. We focused on turning and defending the ball. For the warm up we had to stop the ball with the body part called out. We teamed up in groups of four and formed a diamond shape to work on defending the ball. It was great fun and we all made progress and improved our skills. By Sophie M

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We had a fabulous day out at Rushden lakes with children showing great determination and resilience. Many children were climbing for the first time, and despite intial intrepidation, were soon reaching great heights - seemingly fearless.

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