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Blyton Class
When Y3 were at Tennyson Road, they should have learnt all about The Great Fire of London. However, due to the lockdown they missed this opportunity. I would really like you all to learn about this and I had planned for you to cover it last term but that unfortunately has not happened either! Information about this was sent out via Parents App. There will be Dojo’s for all entries and a prize for the 2 best presentations! Here are some of our amazing entries so far!



This week, Blyton Class have created some fantastic Stonehenge artwork. I think you will agree that the result is amazing. We used watercolour pencils to create the background then the children had the option of adding the stones using acrylic paint or paper to add a different texture to the finished piece.
IMG 20201204 132012
To round off our Stone Age learning, today Blyton Class have made Stone Age Stew. The children all took part in the preperation of the vegetables and the cooking. All children were ‘brave’ enough to try the stew, even though lots were not very keen on any of the ingredients!
For our Mission today, the children created chalk lines which represented the path a ship must follow. Children were blindfolded and navigated across the ‘ocean’ by their captain. To be successful, the children had to show a range of our values such as teamwork and resilience.


Road Safety 

This week is Road Safety Week so Blyton Class have learned lots of safety tips about how to cross the road safety and how to ensure they can be seen when going out, with their adults, in the dark. They designed some excellent posters to ensure we don't forget.

IMG 0997IMG 1001IMG 1005


For our mission this week, Blyton class were replicating the perils of crossing the Artic with extremely limited resources. Equipped with just planks of wood and rope, the children had to show great team-work skills to discuss the best use of the resources and demonstrate resilience when things did not go to plan. Not all teams were successful in completing the mission but each group worked extremely hard and definitely developed their team-working abilities.

IMG 0952IMG 0945


Blyton Class Remember
This week, on Remembrance Day, Blyton class learnt about the origin and significance of the poppy. The children were fascinated to discover how poppies went from being produced in a very small factory, run by a handful of disabled ex-servicemen to producing millions each year. Additionally, Blyton class discovered that the Queen has a unique wreath made exclusively for her which no one is allowed to replicate! 
 To commemorate the day, we read and discussed the poem 'In Flanders Field' by McCrae. Then, we drew poppies onto copies of the poem and used watercolour paint to add a splash of colour. I think you will agree the results are fabulous and a lovely significant lesson for the children.