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The staff of Alfred Street School have brought in a range of medical and toiletry supplies to donate to the Ukraine Appeal. A big thank you also goes to our brilliant pupils, who chose to use the money raised on World Book Day to buy further toiletries and supplies for this worthy cause. Thanks to Mrs. Eaton, Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Ebsworth for delivering them to the collection point for us. 💙💛




World Book Day 2022

World book day at Alfo saw many amazing characters visiting us. We started the day with our 'Character Parade' and a look at the fabulous book titles on offer this year that the children can exchange their book tokens for.

We then spent the day studying 'The Boat' by Helen Ward and Ian Andrews, using all of our reading techniques along with some drama, writing and art tasks.

We finished the day with our World Book Day 10p book sale. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about the books they bought.

Thank you for another great celebration of reading.

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Drone Photo

There was great excitement in school this afternoon as a photograph was taken using the latest technology to mark our school’s 150th birthday. Children and staff gathered on the playground, to form the number 150, before a drone was sent soaring into the air to capture the moment. The photo will be framed and showcased on 31st March, the day of our anniversary celebrations, and each child will receive their own photo to keep.

Many thanks to our governor, Mrs Lynne Baker, for her kind gift to the school.

Thank you also, to Mark, from who kindly answered a range of questions from the children.


IMG 0840  IMG 0841

IMG 0842

NSPCC Number Day - Whole School Event

Today, we took part in NSPCC Number Day. The children were encouraged to come to school wearing numbers. They had some fabulous ideas, including homemade hats and t-shirts. Children took part in a range of fun maths activities throughout the day. Shakespeare Class set up and ran a Puzzle Hall. Each year group were invited to the hall to have a go at a range of challenges. Our Y6’s were fantastic when encouraging and supporting the younger children. It was fabulous to see so many children persevering with difficult puzzles! The room was buzzing with positivity with children being awarded stars for every puzzle they attempted.

We think the day really helped to promote the importance of maths as an essential life skill, as well as showing the children what fun maths is.

In the afternoon, parents and carers were invited to join in the fun with their children, and also find out more about maths in school. Thank you - we were overwhelmed by the support of so many of you, the children really loved having you in school.

As well as having a great day, we also raised money for the NSPCC – we will notify you of the grand total raised next week.

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Chinese New Year - Whole School Event

We had a fantastic day on Tuesday celebrating Chinese New Year. The children learnt all about the Chinese culture, taking part in a range of activities to really bring their learning alive. The activities included: making Chinese lanterns and red money wallets, learning some Chinese writing, finding out which animal we were in the Chinese zodiac, making origami bookmarks in the form of a tiger (as this is the Year of the Tiger), as well as taking part in the Chopstick Challenge! The highlight of the day was having the opportunity to become part of a huge dragon in our Dragon Dance. Towards the end of the day, all the children got the opportunity to taste some Chinese food which was delicious.

To finish our day off, we were delighted to invite parents to school to watch the children perform a Chinese New Year song and the Dragon Dance.


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Attendance Awards

This week, some children have received our new attendance badges.

A gold badge is for 100% attendance during the Autumn term and a white badge is for 96% to 99.9% attendance.

Due to the current climate, children who have had to isolate, following government guidance, will still receive awards if the rest of their attendance is within the threshold.

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Sports Festival

This week, three of our Y6 children represented the school at a Boccia Festival. This game is similar to bowls, but sitting down.

The team did fantastically, winning three of their five games and finishing 3rd - each receiving a well deserved medal.

Furthermore, eight children from Y5 and Y6 were young leaders at the event - running the games, scoring and awarding the 'Teamwork' trophy. They all did a fantastic job and represented our school brilliantly. They should all be proud of their achievements.

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Farewell Mrs Green

Today was Mrs Green's last day with us, as Mrs O'Connor returns in January from her maternity leave.

The Alfo community would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all that she has done for our school since April. We wish her every success as she returns to her school at the other side of the county. Best wishes from us all Mrs Green.




Early Morning Club Christmas Competition

Oliver, from Shakespeare Class, won the Early Morning Christmas Bauble Competition. His prize was a delicate Father Christmas bauble. It was a tough competition to win, as there were so many fabulous entries. All the entries are displayed on the EMC Christmas tree in our bottom hall.




On Saturday 4th December, the Alfred Street Junior School Choir sang at St. Mary's Church Christingle for the Children's Society. This was the choir's first public performance since before March 2020, and they did not disappoint. They sang absolutely beautifully. I was incredibly proud of them all. We hope to be able to sing together again as soon as restrictions allow.







New Age Kurling Tournament

New Age Kurling is a version of curling which can be played indoors on any smooth surface. This week a group of us took part in a tournament at the Pemberton Centre. Alfo were split into two teams; we played rounds against six other schools. The idea was to roll your stone into the target area, closer than your opponents.

One of our teams won a medal for finishing in 2nd place and the other won the Teamwork Trophy. We all enjoyed this great new sport and were proud to represent our school.

By Callum and Owen

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School Council Library Visit

This week, seven members of our school council visited the Rushden Library. We are working on a project to encourage more children to read. We carried out a survey in our classes and discovered that the main reason some of us do not like reading is because we cannot find books that we enjoy.

We are arranging trips for each of our classes to encourage them to become members of the library. While we were there we learned how to use the Dewey system to find books quickly and easily. The library was a very warm, inviting place and we are looking forward to going back. By Lily V-P

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Fundraising for Children in Need

A huge thank you to all of the Alfo family for joining in with our Children in Need Day today! What a fantastic array of outfits! A special well done to those who got artistic and created their own Pudsey / Spotty outfits! The children took part in a range of activities including the Joe Wicks workout, finding out about where our Children in Need donations go, and how the money helps to support children with a range of difficulties across the UK. We found out that there are many charities supported by Children in Need within our own county, with some that even help children in our own school. From all of the donations brought in today, we will be able to add an amazing £91.42 to the Children in Need fundraising total!

Cin Need 1Cin Need 2Cin Need 3



Cin Need 4Cin Need 6Cin Need 5

Cin Need 7


Anti-Bullying Week - Nov 2021

Today marked the end of Anti-Bullying Week, and we were very fortunate to have two members of the MHST (Mental Health Support Team) to come and deliver an assembly on Anti-Bullying. During the assembly, the children were able to contribute to the discussions with great confidence and clarity, demonstrating all the knowledge they have learned. The MHST team then delivered two workshops to small groups from each year group. The rest of the children took part in a range of other Anti-Bullying activities in class. These included Anti-Bullying Drama as well as creating Anti-Bullying Snakes and Ladders games. Now our 'Odd Socks' from Monday's activities are complete, they have been made into bunting to display around school...they look fabulous!

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Remembrance Day

This week, the children of Alfred Street have continued to learn about Remembrance Day. On Wednesday, our Y6 children went to the War Memorial to take part in a short Service of Remembrance. This was a moving experience, where the children also got the opportunity to lay crosses in honour of the many military personnel who have lost their lives in battle.

On Thursday – Armistice Day – children across the school learnt about Remembrance Day, including the significance of poppies. We read and discussed the poem, ‘In Flanders’ Fields’. The children then created their own ‘Poppy-themed’ art. They made a collage of newspaper clippings from WWI, and then decorated these with poppies. Each year group used a different artistic medium for their poppies. Y3 used aquarelle pencils which create a watercolour effect; Y4 used pastels; Y5 used tissue paper, creating a more 3D effect; and Y6 used paint. At 11am, the entire school stopped what they were doing to observe the 2 minutes silence. Even our pupils who were on the Cross Country Trip in Wellingborough observed the silence, alongside over 1000 other pupils from local schools. In the afternoon, Lynn Baker from the Royal British Legion delivered an assembly on Remembrance with the theme of ‘Diversity in Adversity’. The children learnt about all the different nations and races who came together to fight in the World Wars.

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Harvest Festival 2021

This week, we held our Harvest Festival. The display of donated produce was really impressive. Surrounding the wonderful home-grown veg from the Alfo Gardening Club was an array of food and toiletries ready to be collected by our two charities that we are supporting again this year - Serve and the Foodbank. To say we were overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the Alfo children and parents would be an understatement! Thank you all so much. During the service, the children learnt about harvests around the world, as well as the story of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes told by Rev. Rachel from St. Peter's Church. A number of our children helped her tell the story, performing with great passion and enthusiasm. It was wonderful to hear the children singing together too.





81st Anniversary of the Bombing of Alfred Street Junior School

This year, on Monday, 4th October, we will be holding a memorial to the seven children who tragically lost their lives in the bombing of the school in 1940. This will take place at 10:12am in our memorial garden.

Although we do not currently feel that it is fully safe to mark the anniversary with an indoor coffee morning, we would like to invite anyone wishing to attend to visit the Memorial Garden at this time.

If you are unable to join us at this time, but would like to visit the garden to pay your own personal respects during the day, the garden gates will remain open throughout the day.

We would like you to know, that our Year 6 pupils continue to learn about the school’s history during WWII and are able to draw on the many memoirs and recollections that have been recorded over the years. We are extremely grateful for these and recognize the importance of our children being taught about that fateful day.

We look forward to meeting you on the day if you are able to attend, but fully understand if current circumstances prevent you from doing so.

From the staff and children of Alfred Street Junior School, Rushden.

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Music at Alfo

I am thrilled to say that today, we received notification of retaining our 'Music Mark School' status. 🎼🎶 This means that our local Music Hub has recognised our school's continued commitment to a broad and balanced music curriculum and the value that we place on music. As well as the regular curriculum music that is taught across the school, we also have peripatetic music teachers come in to teach children stringed or woodwind instruments. If this is something your child would be interested in, please contact the office for details of lessons and their costs. It has also been really lovely to finally get back to having singing assemblies this term. The sound of children singing is just a joy! 🎶🎵




Jeans 4 Genes Day at Alfo

At school today, we all wore our jeans to help raise both money and awareness for the Jeans 4 Genes campaign. This charity helps to support families who have children with genetic disorders. I am thrilled to let you know that we raised an amazing £87.15 for this worthy cause. Thanks to all who wore their jeans and donated. 🥰

Jeansjeans 2




new Term



Dear Year 6, we are so proud of how much you have accomplished this year. You have persisted through a unique situation and coped amazingly well. You have all grown so much as learners and we hope that you are leaving Year 6 with more confidence in yourself.

We recently found your very first Arithmetic papers from right at the start of Year 6 and it reminded us of just how far you’ve come and how much you each challenged yourself and set yourself high expectations. Keep that attitude going in your new secondary schools and you will all achieve great things!

Please don’t forget to come back and visit – we’d love to hear how you’re all getting on.Dear Year 6, we are so proud of how much you have accomplished this year. You have persisted through a unique situation and coped amazingly well. You have all grown so much as learners and we hope that you are leaving Year 6 with more confidence in yourself.

We recently found your very first Arithmetic papers from right at the start of Year 6 and it reminded us of just how far you’ve come and how much you each challenged yourself and set yourself high expectations. Keep that attitude going in your new secondary schools and you will all achieve great things!

Please don’t forget to come back and visit – we’d love to hear how you’re all getting on.

class pic

Y6 Trophy Awards

Every year a number of trophies are awarded to the Y6 leavers for sporting, academic and citizenship achievements. The pupil's name is engraved on the trophy as a lasting tribute to their hard work and contributions to the school.

This years winners were:

Bradley - Mathematics Trophy- for outstanding mathematical achievement during KS2 and gaining the highest score in our practice papers.

George - Progress Trophy - for making the most academic progress between KS1 and KS2.

Grace - Art Trophy - for showing fantastic creativity in art throughout the year.

Zak - Citizenship Trophy - for consistently demonstrating the school values and making the right choices even when it is difficult to do so.

Zak - Sports Trophy - for always showing great sportsmanship in all areas of sport and PE.

Csongor - Computing Trophy - For being an expert in all things IT and even helping the adults!

Tallyn - English Trophy - for gaining the highest scores across English in our practice SATs.

Tallyn - Academic Achievement Trophy - for outstanding achievement during KS2 and gaining the highest overall score this year in our practice tests.

Ellie B - Music Trophy - for the contribution they have made to the musical life of the school.

Kaycie-Mai - Sports Trophy- for her enthusiasm and dedication to PE and sport while at Alfred Street.

Amelia - Swimming Trophy - for outstanding commitment to the sport and for being an amazing role model to others.

Amelia - Head Teacher Award - For demonstrating the Alfo Values on a daily basis as well as having an incredibly mature attitude to her learning and always doing her very best.

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 Summer 2 - Alfo Awards


Alfo Awards SUm 2




Blue Peter Award!

Aaron in Blyton Class has been very busy helping his dad in the garden: growing, planting and tidying up. He has also been out and about litter picking in the community.

For all of his hard work, he has been awarded a 'Green Blue Peter Badge' These are only awarded to very special Blue Peter viewers who care about nature, the environment and our planet. Well done Aaron - keep up the hard work.


Special Delivery

Aaron in Year 3 received a very special delivery from the postman this month - a letter from Her Majesty the Queen thanking Aaron for his thoughtful letter of condolence, which he sent to her after the sad death of her husband, HRH, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Aaron said he will keep her letter forever. We are all very proud of him for his thoughtful gesture.

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NSPCC Number Day

During Number Day we all celebrated Maths at Alfo while raising money for the NSPCC. We are so proud to announce that from all of the donations, we have managed to raise a fantastic £90 for this vital charity. Our Number Day was a real success and the children have absolutely loved it! They all looked brilliant in their Maths outfits and were very creative with them. In each class, the children took part in a variety of challenging indoor and outdoor Maths activities.






Science Week





We may be in a global pandemic, but Alfred Street Junior School still rose to the occasion to celebrate World Book Day 2021. Whether the children were taking part remotely or in school, a fantastic celebration of all things literary was shared by all.

Children and staff came dressed-up as some of their favourite book characters and wowed us with their imaginative costumes.

Visitors to school included: The Cat in the Hat, Ginny Weasley, a hobbit, Greg Heffley (from Diary of A Wimpy Kid), Minnie the Minx (causing mischief around the place with her catapult), Wally (yes we found him!), Stanley Yelnats from Holes, a Death Eater (or Death Eaton – as she preferred to be called), Sherlock Holmes, Paddington Bear, the Wicked Witch of the West (with the most amazing crooked nose), a skeleton, Minnie Mouse, a footballer, Dorothy, Cinderella, Wonder Woman and Alice to name but a few.

Our latest enrichment day celebrated the ‘Sharing of a World of Stories’ and began with an assembly to introduce the purpose of World Book Day, the books on offer in 2021 and to view the amazing costumes of the children at home and school. We were really impressed with the effort that so many of the children went to!

During the day, staff shared their favourite stories and a range of activities were completed to get us excited about books. This included some fantastic creative projects to represent works of fiction and non-fiction that have inspired our pupils. We loved seeing all their brilliant creations when we came together again for a live ‘remote’ sharing time at the end of the day!

Thank you to all of who got involved so enthusiastically in World Book Day 2021, and we hope that you enjoyed the experience. We now want to keep the momentum going, and hope that the love of reading that the pupils showed on World Book Day will continue into their coming days, months and years ahead. Reading is truly a lifetime pleasure that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.


One Two

Three Four




Keep reading!


As we come to the end of our first term of remote learning, I would like to say how proud and grateful I am to all the staff, children and parents and carers for the resilience and commitment that everyone has shown towards the remote learning this term. It has been an exceptionally challenging term for all, and you have all done a super job. We would also like to thank parents for some of the lovely positive comments that we have received, these have been greatly appreciated by all the staff. Please visit the website to see our Alfo Gazette Spring 1 edition at: which showcases the fantastic learning that has taken place this term. I hope you all have a well-deserved break next week and we hope to see you all soon.

Mrs O'Connor




Teams update

On the whole we are pleased with Microsoft Teams. The platform has proven to be an excellent way to keep pupils and teachers connected during school closures and support children to learn at home. However, as I am sure you are aware, we have experienced some issues with connectivity, especially first thing in the morning when so many of us are trying to log on at the same time.

The challenge with using any service in the cloud – including Office 365 – is that it is difficult to determine where along the path, from a user to a server, the source of the performance issue is. Without an ability to find the root cause, it is very difficult to work to remediate the problem.

We have taken advice from our IT technician, who assures us that this is not an issue unique to Alfred Street Juniors. Parents and schools across the country have reported issues with the platform running slowly or failing to load class materials.

On Monday, we tried staggering start times to see if this would make a difference. Teachers reported no difference so we will continue with our 9.15 start.

Whilst it is frustrating, we ask that you bare with us. It usually become easier as the morning goes on when the initial rush to download tasks and class materials subsides.

Thank you for your patience.





People reached




Boost Post



Due to the continuous snow and freezing conditions that are forecast over night, I have made the decision to close the school tomorrow to the critical workers and vulnerable children who have been attending. I apologise for any inconvenience caused, but the safety of pupils and staff has to be our priority. I have decided to make the decision tonight, as I wanted to give those parents and carers as much notice as possible. We anticipate that we will be able to re-open to those children who are due into school on Tuesday 26th but will keep you informed.



We advised you before the Christmas holidays that we had arranged for a charity called Bag2School to come and collect any unwanted adults and children's clothing, paired shoes, bedding, curtains, soft toys and towels.

Unfortunately, due to the current partial closure of schools, they are unable to collect on the date stated which was Thursday 4th February. However, we have re-arranged the collection for Friday 12th March 2021 and information will be sent out again nearer the time.

If you already have items that you have been waiting to bring in for the 4th February, we can accept it into school from the 1st February and we will store it in school until it is collected in March. Now is the time to have a sort out and raise money for F.O.A.S.S!

Can we please ask that if you do bring bags into school that they are properly sealed to be waterproof, as we will ask you to leave them in the shelter in the middle of the playground, where they will be left for at least 72 hours, before bringing them into school for COVID precautions. Times available for dropping off bags will be 9:00am or 3:35pm Monday to Friday.


BT Free Wi-Fi Vouchers

BT are offering schools free Wi-Fi vouchers to enable pupils in need to access the internet at home.

Each Wi-Fi voucher code will allow access to the internet on up to three devices at a time, for free, until the end of July 2021. Access will be provided through BT’s network of over 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the country and includes comprehensive content filtering.

If you are struggling with adults and children trying to access the internet at the same time for work and Homeschooling, please contact the School Office to request a free BT Wi-Fi voucher or complete the consent form on our ParentAPPS system.

We would be grateful if you could indicate your request by 10:00am Thursday 21st January 2021.

Remote Learning

Well done everyone, you have survived your first week of remote learning - you should all feel very proud! I want to thank you all for your support; as a result we have had over 85% of pupils engaging in the learning, with only a small number of families who are not. We would also like to thank those parents who have contacted us to explain why their children are not online.

Although we may continue to experience a few technical difficulties due to everyone trying to use the internet for work or education, the anxiety and stress that some of you may have experienced will hopefully be less next week. As a result of your support and engagement, we can continue to teach the children so they do not fall further behind on their learning. They are also able to have some structure and routine, and continue to engage with their teachers and peers. If you do have any technical difficulties, please contact us as we may be able to support. We have already offered devices to 31 families and do have some access to internet support, should you need it.

With regards to the home learning, we ask that you support your children to access it, and they may need a bit of help reading things or understanding what they need to do. However, please do not put pressure on yourselves if they do not understand. Many of the methods they use have changed dramatically since we were all at school. If they are finding something hard, please let us know and we will do our best to support them remotely. It is important that they complete the work as independently as possible, as we need to be able to see from their answers what they have understood and how we need to adapt our teaching to support them further. There will be things that they can't do or get wrong which is to be expected - we need to know what these are and we will then help them with this.

I am also very proud of the staff. It is very nerve wracking teaching online to the children, knowing you are being watched by so many parents too! At the same time as teaching online, they are trying to teach our most vulnerable and children of critical workers. We currently have 25% of our children in school. So all in all, they have continued to do a fantastic job in challenging circumstances.

I hope you all have a much deserved rest this weekend.

Best wishes

Mrs O'Connor



 FSM Food Parcels

You may have received your Food Parcel that has been provided by our external supplier Dolce. We are extremely disappointed with the quality and quantity of this weeks food parcel. However, we are not able to provide vouchers as we would like, as we are already tied into a contract with Dolce, and as a result, have to pay them for the food provision. As you can appreciate this is out of our control, and we have voiced our dissatisfaction to the Company.

We received an email this morning stating that next week's Food Parcel has been improved. Although we are pleased that there has been an improvement on the quantity and quality of the food being provided, we are still dissatisfied and are looking to take it further, but in the meantime we need to legally provide you with food as this is your entitlement. Please bear with us and we will inform you if we are able to come to a resolution to what is an unsatisfactory situation at this current time.


 A HUGE thank you to all our parents!

We would like to say a huge thank you to you all for embracing our remote learning. We were over joyed this morning by the number of children who were online. We had 85% of the school accessing the learning by the end of the morning and anticipate the majority of pupils will be joining tomorrow. We would like to thank parents for their perseverance in enabling the children to access this and also to those who have been in contact with us to say that they anticipate that their children should be able to access it from tomorrow. We appreciate there may have been some teething problems but are hoping over the coming days, when everyone becomes familiar with MS TEAMs, things will get easier. We will also be tweaking our provision for next week to make it even better now we have had a trial run at it.



From 9.15am on Monday 11th, we will be starting our live lessons. You should by now have received via ParentApps an outline of the Remote Learning Expectations. This is very different from the expectation for home learning that was in place in the Summer Term, as we have been issued with directives from the Government regarding what we have to provide, and there is an expectation that the home learning is completed by all children.

The live sessions will be delivered by MS Teams in the mornings and the children will be set work for independent learning to complete in the afternoons.

Your children were shown briefly in school how to access MS Teams but there is a guide in the blue Home Learning Packs that we asked you to collect. We appreciate that next week there may be some teething problems as we all try to get to grips with a new way of working. Before March, we had never heard of Zoom or MS Teams, so this is new to us all, but we will get through it together!

Today we have been busy allocating devices to those parents who informed us that their children did not have a device, or were having to share, so hopefully we will be good to go. We look forward to being able to communicate with all our children on Monday. Good luck everyone, and thank you to the wonderful teachers and office staff who have been busily putting all the preparations in place.

NSPCC Number Day
During Number Day we all celebrated Maths at Alfo while raising money for the NSPCC. We are so proud to announce that from all of the donations, we have managed to raise a fantastic £90 for this vital charity. Our Number Day was a real success and the children have absolutely loved it! They all looked brilliant in their Maths outfits and were very creative with them. In each class, the children took part in a variety of challenging indoor and outdoor Maths activities.
Fundraising at ALFO
 What a fantastic Christmas Jumper Day we've had! The children and staff all looked brilliant! 🎄
Jumps 1
 FOASS Christmas Tree Raffle
A local Rushden resident has kindly donated the tree to the school. We are looking to raise money for FOASS by holding a raffle and the lucky winner will get a beautiful real tree for Christmas.
Please buy your tickets on ParentPay if you are a parent/carer of the school or contact the School Office if you wish to purchase a raffle ticket - price of tickets are £2.00 each.
Music at Alfo
We were thrilled to welcome our socially-distanced guests from NMPAT (Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust) this week. The NMPAT Strings Recital Team came in to treat us to some fabulous live music. They played pieces from a range of different musical styles, and taught the children about their instruments, how they work and the different sounds they make. All the children were in complete awe! It was so lovely to see their excitement and joy! In the Year 5 session, we also got to hear two of our own classmates perform on their violins. Ana-Maria and Serine - you were both amazing, and I know how impressed our professional guests were with your performance! Enjoy the video showing just a few of the pieces played by the recital team, as well as Ana-Maria and Serine's live debut!
Disability Day - Whole School Event
Our first 'Diversity Day' for this year was held on Thursday 3rd December to coincide with 'International Day of Persons with Disabilities'. We were lucky to have some wonderful people who helped make our day really memorable.
A local lady, called Anna, made a video especially for us about what it is like to be deaf. She also taught us some sign language - both the alphabet and some songs! We were really impressed with how well the children learnt to use signed finger spelling!
We then learned all about one of Alfo's own ex-pupils, Kayla, who shared the story of her disability, and her brave decision (whilst just a Year 4 pupil at our school) to have her foot amputated. The children were inspired by how brave and positive Kayla has been throughout her life, and how she has gone on to achieve her dreams of taking GCSE dance, despite having a prosthetic limb.
In the afternoon, we were treated to a Zoom call, where all classes got to learn about sight loss, and the charity - Guide Dogs for the Blind - from our virtual guest, Helen. The children listened really well, and had lots of questions for her at the end of her talk. Our highlight was, of course, when her guide dog, Oula, decided she wanted to be the star of the show! The children then used 'SIM'Specs' to simulate what it would be like to have different sight impairments. This really brought home what difficulties people with these conditions have to face.
Finally, we learnt about some 'hidden disabilities' that, despite the children having heard of them, they perhaps didn't fully understand the challenges that come along with them. We looked specifically at Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. The children reflected on all they had learnt during the day, and made some really thoughtful comments.
Disability day Whole schDisability 2Disability 3
New School Council

A big thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s School Council elections. It was fantastic to see so many pupils putting themselves forward to be on the School Council. The results were very close and we are pleased to announce our new class councillors are:

Blyton Class: Nicolai and Caitlyn

Dahl Class: Katherine and Layton

Blackman Class: Lily and Alex

Shakespeare Class: Csongor, Courtney, Bradley and Ellie

These children will have a range of responsibilities, which include:

  • Attending regular meetings with other School Council members from each class (socially distanced).
  • Take any ideas and suggestions their class have to discuss at School Council meetings.
  • Take back ideas, information and suggestions to their class and encourage them to listen, discuss, share their views and, where necessary and vote on actions that need to be taken.
  • Encourage the pupils in their class to be aware of their school environment and to respect and care for it.
  • Some of the older School Council members will be responsible for specific tasks such as collecting and reporting Dojo points, writing news for their class blog and supporting their teacher with admin jobs.

 Alfo Elf
Our Alfo Elf is currently in Quarantine in Mrs O'Connor's office for 14 days to ensure he is safe to enter the school. After then, I am sure he will be making up for lost time!
We love a good old Alfo tradition, and this year will be no different when it comes to one of the biggest Advent Calendars you've ever seen! Mrs Eaton has been working tirelessly (with the help of her Year 5 elves) to create this fantastic 2020 advent calendar, featuring Santa with obligatory face-covering! 🎅
We will post the pictures our Year 5 elves have created behind each door everyday. First up is this wonderful Christmas Tree by Owen! Great work! 🎄
Our Anti-Bullying Week at school kicked off with Odd Socks Day to raise awareness of the fact that we are all different and that this is something to be celebrated. All classes watched an online assembly about Anti-Bullying, featuring the well know CBBC star, Andy Day, with his band 'Andy and the Odd Socks'. They played their new Anti-Bullying song: 'The Kids are United', which some of us played along to on our 'air guitars'! We learnt about what to do if we were ever a victim or a witness to bullying. Blackman Class created some 'freeze frames' to show different types of bullying, and then discussed strategies we could use to deal with bullying, and the different roles there are in a bullying situation. Children also got the opportunity to consider what action they would choose to help combat bullying, and they illustrated this on a jigsaw piece. We then pieced these together to show how being 'united' is what will help to put an end to bullying.
ass2y3 bully
Grand Total !
children in Need
Children in Need
Wow! What a day we had for Children in Need Day! The whole school started the day joining Joe Wicks for the last 20 minutes of his 24 Hour PE Challenge! We were exhausted after 20 minutes, so can only imagine how tired Joe must have felt after 24 hours! We loved seeing everyone in their Pudsy or Spotty outfits! Well done to both pupils and staff for making such a tremendous effort - you all looked brilliant! We also saw some amazing 'Children in Need' inspired learning going on. Children learnt about the history of Children in Need and answered comprehension questions based on this information text. We also used our mathematical skills to solve a range of mental calculations in order to complete 'code breakers' or 'paint by number' pictures of different fundraising events. Our Year 3 children showed off their artistic skills to create a wonderful collage of very colouful Pudsey Bears! How wonderful they look! We hope your children enjoyed their day as much as we did, and we will let you know the final total of our mufti day fundraising when it has all been counted!
pudsy all
Autumn 1 Alfo Awards
As we could not welcome our parents to share the occasion with their children, here is a recording of today's traditional, end of term Alfo Award ceremony.
Congratulations to our winners:
Year 3 - Artur and Nicolai
Year 4 - Bhavini and Katherine
Year 5 - Alex, Harry and Owen
Year 6 - Ellie, Evan, Bradley and Cailleb

Our Harvest Festival this year looked a little different. Although we weren't able to come together as a whole school, all the classes held the same Harvest Assembly within their classrooms. We hope you enjoy our video which showcases some of the readings and reflections from each class. Once again, a huge thank you for all the kind Harvest Gifts. They have now been distributed to the two local charities: Serve and the Rushden Foodbank, who were amazed and so thankful for your generosity.

A huge thank you to everyone who kindly donated a Harvest Gift last week. Members of staff from both 'Serve' and 'Rushden Foodbank' will be coming to collect all this wonderful food this week. They are so grateful for the donations and your kindness and generosity is appreciated! Well done, Alfo Family!
Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day. In these unprecedented times, it has never been more important to be aware of, and to look after, our own mental health and that of others. Now, I have it on good authority that our mental health can be instantly improved by looking at pictures of baby animals (awwww!) I've added a photo of some real cuties! 🐰 🐭 🐨
Another way of looking after our mental health is to build up our emotional resilience. Check out the link in the comments below to a great video with hints and tips on how to do this.
Happy Mental Health Awareness Day, Alfo family! I hope you all have a wonderful day! 😊




Last week, the whole school joined thousands of other schools around the country when they took part in 'The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020'. We watched a star-studded line up talk to us about bullying, and how we can all work together to combat this issue. The children learnt that bullying is a repeated negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe. They discussed their own support networks of people they can talk to if they ever feel that they are being bullied. Finally, we all put up our hands and pledged to put an end to bullying.

anti b



Saturday, 3rd October 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Alfred Street Junior School when tragically, seven children lost their lives. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to mark this anniversary in the way that we would have liked to due to Covid-19, but felt it was crucial to remember this significant event in the life of the town
To mark this event, the Year 6 children have been learning all about the devastation caused by the bombing, listened to and read first-hand accounts of pupils who were in the school at the time, written accounts of the day and plotted on maps of the town where the bombs dropped.
Across the school on Friday, each class held a memorial assembly where children heard an account from a former pupil, looked at excerpts from the school log book at the time and viewed images of the devastation on the school and the local community. In this time, seven candles were lit by each class in remembrance of the seven children who died and a period of silence was held.
At the same time, a special ceremony was held in the memorial garden to remember this tragic event. In attendance was the newly elected mayor, Cllr Melanie Coleman and her consort, as well as two members of our governing body - who also represented the local clergy and the Royal British Legion. Mrs O’Connor and Mr Butler were also present to represent staff of the school and former pupils. Some new statuettes were laid in the garden and crosses were placed alongside each one. Wreaths were also laid on behalf of Rushden Town Council and the Royal British Legion.

The memorial garden will be open all next week for anyone else wishing to pay their respects.




 This week we introduced Power Maths to Alfred Street. This is an exciting class mastery approach, which has been recommended by the DfE, that works for every child. It is based upon the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. Children are encouraged to solve problems each day through the use of concrete resources, pictorial representations and abstract thinking. The children enjoyed working in their own new workbooks, have really taken pride in their work and were keen to talk about what they had been learning.



This week has been ‘Mission Week’ at school, where all year groups have been learning about an inspirational figure, and the values they used to overcome the many challenges they faced. Blyton Class (Y3) has taken part in drama activities based on Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ treacherous expeditions. In both Dahl Class (Y4) and Blackman Class (Y5), the children have been focussing their learning on an American female journalist from the late 1800s, known by her ‘pen name’ - Nellie Bly. She is most well-known for undertaking a solo trip around the world in just 72 days. Shakespeare Class (Y6) has learned about Nancy Wake, a nurse and journalist, who – through her bravery in saving many lives during WWII – was one of the most wanted resistance leaders. The children have produced some amazing work related to their inspirational figure. Well done, everyone.










Classroom Topics

Year 6 have been learning about Brazil using map reading skills to locate Brazil in an Atlas, learning about their climate and crating both bar and line graphs to compare the climate to here in the UK.  After half term the pupils will be learning about the Amazon and the Rainforest.

Year 4/5 have been lerning about the Romans and this will be looked at in more depth after the half term with their visit to the Verulamium Museum on 2nd March.  In Science they have been learning about light and shadows using experiements to show how shadows change position.  

Year 3/4 have also been studying the Romans especially moasic patterns.  They will also be visiting the Verulamium Museum later on in March. 


Chinese New Year

The school celebrated with our very own dragon!  The children learned about all the colourful celebrations and wonderful food for the fesitval - Chinese New Year celebrations lasted for around 15 days this year and it is now the year of the Rat!


Commando Joe's Mission Week - Inspirational People

Year 6 studied the female aviator Amelia Earhart and how hard it was for a female in the 1900's to succed and follow their dreams.  With Commando Joe the girls had to race against the boys with a wooden block on their heads whilst the boys had nothing - the girls said it wasn't fair but they understood that it wasn't always fair for Amelia either.  

Years 3/4/5 studied the Romal Gladiator Spartacus - with Commando Joe the children went to 'Gladiator School' and had to make a plan to escape from the Guards then look for food and shelter to survive.  

 Number Day for NSPCC

Children were encouraged to come to school wearing numbers - we had home made hats and t-shirts.  The children spent the day working on maths activitis.  Year 6 ran a Puzzle Hall which each class visited during the day.  Yr 3/4 had lots of money problems to solve and in Yr4/5 did maths puzzles.  We raised an amazing  £98.81 for NSPCC. 

Safer Internet Day 7th February - the day was aimed at encouraging children to explore how they manage their online safety and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.  Why not ask your child what they learned and if there are any important messages they could share with you and the rest of your family.


Update on Tree of Kindness

We have around 450 Acts of Kindness which have been added to our Tree Of Kindness.  We would love to hit our target of 1,000 acts of kindness by the end of school tomorrow 14/2/20.  Please either complete the Consent form on ParentAPP, telephone or email the school office with your acts of kindness 

Tree of Kindness




This week ware are promoting Acts of Kindness here at Alfred Street.  We are setting the whole community - pupils, staff, parents/carers and Governors - the chalenge of carrying out 1000 acts of kindness before the end of school on Friday 14th February.

These acts of kindness can be as simple as holding a door open, picking up someones coat off the floor, giving someone a compliment or sharing, any act that shows kindness.

Our aim is to display 1000 acts of kindness on our Kindness Tree in the hall. Each time an act of Kinnss is completed, it will be writtn on a heart-shaped Pos-it and put on our display.  

Any member of the AFLO community can join in too and help us hit our target of 1000 acts of kindness.  Simply drop into the School Office and jot your act of Kindness on one of our special Post-its, or alternatively, send us a message on Facebook or via our ParentAPPS Consent form and we will add your act of Kindness to the tree for you.

                                                                                   As it's Valentine's Day this week,

                                                                                   And love is in the air,

                                                                                   We're asking our School Community,

                                                                                   To show just how much they care!   

Kindness TreeKindness Tree





ALFO Award Winners - Spring Term 1

Our winners of the ALFO Award for Self-awareness this half term are:

3/4JL                  3/4VS              4/5LT             4/5MK              6SS

Katherine            Lily W              Amelia           Ellie B              Ellie W

Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Progress and Attainment are:

3/4JL                 3/4VS              4/5LT              4/5MK             6CB                6SS

Thomas G          Jenson           Oliver W          Lily V-P           Ashton            Seva


Christmas Carol Service at the Wesleyan Church 20th December 2019

The service was held at the Church this morning at 10:30am.  We were very pleased to see so many parents and ex-staff attending what was a lovely morning with carols, readings and the Choir performing.  We had a collection after the service and we have raised another £52.54 to go to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). 


ALFO Award Winners - Autumn Term 2



Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Empathy this half term are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                     4/5LT                    4/5MK                     6CB                    6SS

Matthew                Hebe                      Ellie F                  Csongor                  Nadia                  Luke

Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Progress and Attainment are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                    4/5LT                    4/5MK                      6CB                    6SS

Summer               Jacob                     Zak                       Harry S                   Max S                 Summer

Attainment           Attainment              Attainment            Attainment              Attainment          Attainment 



Christmas Safety Information from Northamptonshire Police and Fire Department


Blocked ChimneysMatch attackSmoke alarmTechnology



Christmas Medly 2019

The whole school will be taking part in this year's Christmas Medley being held on Tuesday 17th December at 1;30pm and Wednesday 18th December at 9:30am.  Ticket can be booked on our School APP in consent forms.

The children have been practicing their performances and they sound wonderful - hope you can come along to join us!


Nativity Festival Visit

Nativity Festival Visit - Fri 29th November
This morning, the pupils got the opportunity to visit St. Peter's Church Nativity Festival. The children really enjoyed looking at all the different styles of Nativity Scenes on display, which included some which were knitted, felted, made of glass or wood, as well as a teeny tiny silver nativity, an origami one made by our very own Mrs Taylor, and - of course - the fantastic 'Recycled Nativity' created by Mrs Pearson's After School Craft Club. Well done to all the children involved with it. The church (which is situated between Midland Road and Station Road in Rushden) will be open tomorrow from 10am - 1pm if any of you would like to visit. There will also be stalls and refreshments for sale.

Nat Fest


Woodwind Recital

Woodwind Recital - Fri 29th November
Upon our return from the Nativity Festival Visit, the whole school were then treated to a thoroughly enjoyable performance from the Woodwind Recital Team from NMPAT (Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust). The children got the opportunity to listen to live music being played by these talented musicians. Not only did they hear pieces ranging from classics such as 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Swan Lake' right through to theme tunes from 'Harry Potter' and 'The Simpsons', they also learnt all about the instruments and how they work. It was a really enjoyable and educational experience.


Year 6 Good Citizen Day Monday 18th November

As part of our enrichment and Safeguarding curriculum, the children in Year 6 will be taking part in a Good Citizen day on Monday 18th November.

The day is being run by a range of services including the Fire Service, the Police, East Northants Council and Crime Stoppers. Throughout the course of the day, the children will take part in 4 workshops that will raise awareness and teach them life skills to become good citizens.

The 4 workshops are as follows

Workshop 1 - Being a good citizen (learning about the effects of fly tipping and graffiti)
Workshop 2 - Basic First Aid
Workshop 3 - Solve it substance misuse
Workshop 4 - Fearless (learning about the Fearless Service and raising awareness on knife crime and gangs)

If you would like any further information or to discuss the workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Anti-Bullying Week 11th to 15th November 2019

11 - 15 NOVEMBER 2019
Reminder that tomorrow 12.11.19 there are two events for Anti-bullying Week.
There is a 'Kindness Activity' being held for all parents to work with their children in their class from 9:00am to 9:30am. Please complete the consent form on our ParentsAPP to inform us if you will be attending.
Also tomorrow it is ODD SOCK DAY - pupils can wear odd socks alongside their school uniform for the day to promote awareness of anti-bullying and celebrating Difference.

Odd Sock Day Tuesday 12th November 2019

Y6 focused on drama as one of their anti-bullying activities. They acted out different scenarios and talked through a range of strategies to help deal with,and prevent,bullying.
They also made Kindness Boxes with messages inside to give to their friends, family and neighbours.

World Diabetes Day 15th November 2019

Huge Thank You !
Many thanks to all of you who sent your children to school wearing blue in aid of World Diabetes Day. Ellie in Y6 held a whole school assembly to explain all about diabetes and how it impacts on her life.
An incredible £106.20 was raised - thank you for your donations

 Diabetes Day 14.11.19


Community Events

Rushden Library Christmas Fayre- 7th December 10am to 3pm

Christmas fair poster



Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Resilience this half term are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                     4/5LT                    4/5MK                     6CB                    6SS

Lukas                    Alex                       Sophie                  Marcin                    Jermaine             Bhumika

Our winners of the ALFO Awards for Progress and Attainment are:

3/4JL                    3/4VS                    4/5LT                    4/5MK                      6CB                    6SS

Mason                  Jaycee-Rae           Bradley                 Tallyn                      Patricia               Orlando

Progress               Progress               Attainment            Attainment              Progress             Progress


Well done to all our ALFO Award winners!



On 3rd October some special visitors came into school to remember the children who lost their lives on 3rd October 1940.  Many were pupils who were at school on the day of the bombing and shared some of their memories with the children currently in school. We were also joined by the Mayor of Rushden.  Year 6 made some rock cakes using a WW2 recipe and children from Year 3 planted a shrub and crosses in our Memorial Garden to remember the 7 children who lost their lives on that day.





Recently the ALFO sports teams have taken part in various tournaments since September and all the teams have had wonderful results.  

Year 5/6 Boys Football - played at Whitefriars Primary.  The boys played some fantastic football and each game was very cloe.  The team came away with the Teamwork Trophy. Well done boys!

Year 5/6 Girls Football - played at Whitefriars Primary.  The girls played on a very wet, windy and cold evening and braved the conditions to come away with 3rd place medals and the Teamwork Trophy.  Well done ALFO girls!

Year 3/4 Futsal - Played at the Pemberton Centre.  Two teams of Futsal players took on sides from four other local schools in two groups.  One of our teams reached the final and, in a close fought contest agains Whitefriars which ended at 1-1 so went to a penalty shoot out.  Unfortunately, the team was beaten in extra time and finished up with runner-up medals and, for the third successive time the Teamwork Trophy.  Well done both teams!

Badminton Yrs 3/4/5/6 - Our team of Badminton players took part in a series of activities that developed the key skills of the game.  Despite finishing ninth, the team completed every activity with passion, resilience and teamwork.  A fantastic effort.

Teamwork Trophies

Teamwork trophies

Well done to all the teams for representing ALFO in such a positive way!




Year 6 children have been learning about WW2.  With ALFO having been bombed in the war it has been a very poignant topic for the children to study.  They have looked at the exact spot where the bomb landed on the school and in December the children will be going to visit Coventry Cathedral to study the effects that WW2 had on the city and where the German bombers were on their way back from when they dropped the bombs on Rushen. 

Year 6 WW2 artwork        

WW2 Yr 6






Years 3/4/5 have been learning lots of facts about life in the Stone Age.  They have been learning how people in the Stone Age lived, what they ate and what clothes they wore. They have also completed lots of cave paintings which can be found in displays in some classrooms.  

Cave Paintings



The Gazette's team of journalists meet on a Wednesday lunch time to share lunch together and write their reports ready for the upcoming addition of the Gazette. 



The children had a visit from Concillor Coleman from Rushden Council who talked to them about how she was elected and what her role involves.  The visit was in preparation of our own School Council Election for the coming year.  Over 30 children were nominated and every child in school had a vote and the hall was set out like a polling station with special booths so the votes were kept secret!

122 votes were cast, the votes counted and verified and for the first year ever, there was a draw in 6CB so their class has three councillors.  

Please see out School Council page for our new councillors. 

Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs

The children watched a performance by M + M Productions of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  It was a fantastic show and the children really enjoyed themselves.



Thank you to all the parents who sent in items for our Harvest Festival.  The two charities we supported, Food Band and Serve were really appreicative for the donations.


Harvest Festival Assembly will be taking place on Wednesday 2nd October and we would like to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  We would like to make a collection of food items for charity and we will be supporting the local Food Bank and Serve.

Please see the letter in Letters to Parents for the list of items we would be grateful to receive. 

Welcome Back!

The Staff at Alfred Street welcome back all the children to the new School Year and hope that you all had a wonderful summer.

End of 2018-19 School Year

We said a fond and tearful farewell to the Year 6 children today.

The Year 6 Graduation was a wonderful event which we were able to hold outside for the parents.  Thank you to all the parents who attended to see the Year 6 receive their present from ALFO - an autograph book and pen - presented by Mrs Hall from Tennyson Road Infant School.  Mrs Hall was amazed at how well the children had performed in their SAT test and how they had all matured into pupils ready for the next stage of their academic life at Secondary School.

We wish all the Year 6 children good luck at their new schools and know that they will do well.

We hope all the children and their families have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing the children who are returning to us, along with the new Year 3 children, in September.

JUNE 2019

Years 3/4/5 will be studying Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in History.  The Teachers have prepared History Enrichment Days where the children will spend the day immersed in Anglo-Saxon/Viking culture and participating in a range of practical activities.  The Teachers love to dress up so it would be great if the children could create a costume to wear on the day.

3/4AB and 3/4VS will have their experience day on Wednesday 5th June

4/5LT and 4/5MK will have their experience day on Wednesday 12th June

The day will be run by staff at the school and a member from the 'Bring History to School Project' which is a Heritage Lottery funded project that Rockingham Forest Trust is delivering.  

This will be an enjoyable and informative day for all the children. 


28th June 2019

What a fantastic morning the whole school had at the Sports Day today.  The atmosphere was brilliant and the children were competitive but very supportive of their team-mates.  The weather was very kind to us and Staff, children and parents all had a wonderful time.  Well done to all the children!

MAY 2019


On Thursday 23rd May FOASS will be holding a whole school disco.  Price per child is £1.50.  

There is an option for pupils and staff to come to school in non-uniform on the 23rd May and donate items for the upcoming School Fayre (29th June 2019 1pm - 4pm).

Items for donation are:

Year 6 - Bottles (drinks (NO ALCOHOL)/toiletries etc)

Year 5 - Food items (tins/packets)

Years 3/4 - soft toys/teddies

Please ensure that all items are in good condition and if you have any donations that may be suitable for a Raffle prize, please also send these into school. 

Thank you for your support!

Come and See for Parents/Carers

Monday 20th May at 5:30 - 5:45pm

Tuesday 21st May at 8:45 - 9:00am and 3:45 - 4:00pm

Come along and have a look at the fantastic work your children have been doing in lessons.

NSPCC and O2 Online Safety Workshops

On Thursday 2nd May the school will be hosting a free online safety workshop at 9:00am.  This is a great opportunity for parents and carers to be introduced to useful tools, suport and guidance to help them have conversations with their children about their online lives.  Please RSVP to the letter sent 4.4.19 to book your space.



The children have been buying their tickets to enter the raffle which will be drawn on Friday 5th April at 2pm.  Good luck to all who have entered!

Year 3/4 and 4/5 Visit to Everdon Centre

On 1st and 2nd April our Years 3/4 and 4/5 classes visted Everdon Centre in Northamptonshire as part of their Geography curriculum..  Whilst they were at the centre they looked at rivers and how they are formed, tried pond dipping and looked at the river banks and surrounding areas. 

News March 2019

Mufti Day Friday 29th March

Children are welcome to wear Mufti on Friday 29th March in exchange for a donation to the FOASS Easter Raffle.  Could children please bring in any forms of chocolate to be included as Raffle prizes.  Thank you.

FOASS - Easter Raffle

This year FOASS will be running the Easter Raffle on Friday 5th April.  Tickets will be on sale from Monday 1st April - tickets 50p (you can buy as many as you wish) and will be sold during the school day in class and after school on the playground.

Red Nose Day 2019 

Children and Satff dressed in red to help raise money for the Comic Relief Day 15th March 2019.  We raised a wonderful total of £145.20 well done everyone who donate