Alfred Street Junior
Junior School

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Our connected curriculum is driven through our thematic ‘topic’ based learning where teachers plan a series of lessons. These are based on accumulating the knowledge and concepts of the foundation subjects and at times Science. The curriculum distinguishes between subject topics. Our cross curricular approach enables our children to make meaningful links with their learning so that schemas can be built and connections between neural pathways are strengthened. The core subjects may be woven through - where it enhances the learning - or may otherwise be discrete. Our topics have a History and Geography base so that we teach location and place, weather, knowledge and climate skills and about significant historical events, people and places in our own locality.

It is important to us that Art, Design and Technology and where appropriate English, Maths and Science are linked in topic teaching. Topic also provides further opportunities to learn about values, people and cultures.

We also plan using milestones to ensure progression of key concepts through Key Stage 2. Our pedagogical approach is that of mastery – which focuses upon deep understanding and questioning – avoiding cognitive overload.


We see art as a vehicle for creativity and individual expression. It is an important form of cultural expression and therefore has significance and meaning for all our children. Our teaching provides an understanding of all the diverse art forms so that the children experience drawing, painting, collage, textiles, 3D designs, print making and digital media. We have Art days with a whole school focus on an artist or work of art and we include art in our themed connected curriculum weeks.

Our Design and Technology lessons encourage the designing and making of products to solve real and relevant problems. Our pupils learn to select from and use a wide range of materials and components including construction materials, textiles and ingredients according to their characteristics.