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ClassDojo is a behaviour management tool for the classroom.

Each class has this established as a way of rewarding individual children and groups of children for their hard work and manners. Each child has a profile – complete with their own avatar – to which teachers can assign positive points throughout the lesson and throughout the day. Each time the teacher awards a point a distinctive sound plays to alert the class. All heads turn to see who was awarded a point!

It is encouraging to see an increased amount of effort from all of the children as they try to secure the points. If the children stay on ‘Good to be GREEN’ for the whole day they automatically receive a dojo point.

What have your children received dojo points for?

  • Children are collecting points for self-satisfaction but once they receive 50 dojo points they will receive a certificate in our Fab Friday assembly. There is also a special cabinet in the main hall, where exciting goodies are presented. The children can trade in their dojo points for items from the cabinet. The more points they receive the more rewards they receive!
  • Not only are they individual, the children are part of a team (Lions, Panthers, Tigers and Leopards) and each week the total dojo points from across the school are counted. 4 tokens are awarded to the team with the most points, then 3 tokens for 2nd and so on. At the end of each term the team with the most tokens will receive a reward.

Points Total -  Spring term 2 - Week ending 25th February

Lions  Panthers Leopards Tigers
3471 3821 3772 3814